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HiPoint Performance Shavings are restored through this recycling process and bagged after being dried, pasteurized, dust-extracted, and naturally infused with an anti-bacterial, antiviral proprietary compound before being sold back to the original farms.  HiPoint produces a premium quality hypo-allergenic product not comparable to any product on the market that will promote improved health for both horses and humans.

There are an outstanding amount of features and benefits to having HiPoint Fued gold shavings. Some are listed below. Contact us for more information.

you can learn more FAQ at our corporate site on the process.

More Absorbent

Testing moisture of pine shavings on the left (low absorption) and HiPoint mixed wood performance shavings right (high absorption)- you can also see the absorption has increased after our Process - from a brand new bagged mixed wood shaving in the middle (low absorption)

Using the HPAB Process, HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp, recycles equine stall residuals naturally, without the use of chemicals or polymers, through a six-step process of multi-stage separation, drying, pasteurization, infusion, and bagging.

Performance tested.

HiPoint performance shavings examples

After placing one cubic foot of the bedding types on the ground (concrete) and treading turning and laying on the bedding the Performance recycled shavings horse bedding from HiPoint held up better with good movement and no holes.

HiPoint integrated technology produces high grade clean, antibacterial, competitively priced recycled bedding for equestrian facilities, showgrounds, and racetracks in the heart of equestrian regions.

Who Are we?


  • We clean the bedding under heat, steam, and infusion making, what we think, a much better bedding than regular bedding.
  • The natural infusion has undergone monographs and verified safe by VHP international standards to allow for some terrific benefits.  - We use the N4L* base compound infused into our bedding to protect the horse and rider under a proprietary microfuzed process.
  • Fewer critters in your barn - Our infusion base compound repel mice, snakes & flies so your barn is safer & cleaner, being less spooky to the horses. For our love of all things - it does not hurt the critters - just repels them not to come close. 
  • Better Breathing - Our infusion base compound was designed to help open the pathways, and help colic and digestion. University trials showed the horses having more open lung pathways - see more on that below.
  • More Healing - It helps with pain and protects, proven to heal hoof rot, hives, and muscle strains.
  • Horse Comfort -  We found less ammonia smell in the barn, horses laid down in their stall, reduced hoof-rot, and better horse comfort for horses bedded on our HiPoint performance bedding.
  • Size & Color - Whatever comes out of the stall, plus some fresh bedding locally purchased goes back into our process - so whatever goes in comes out. Large flakes in - Large Flakes out - White shavings in / White shavings out. You get the idea.

Where are we?

More depth

Due to our careful patented process, our bedding goes through we then tracked back with a bag of shavings that were not in a stall. We found the recycled; sustainable bedding had the same depth (and in our tests a little more) than the original. Proving that we can use shavings, trampled by horses, used overnight, clean out, and brought to us to be re-purposed did not affect the quality and performance, and coverage in a stall.

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1 cubic foot coverage HPAB performance shavings

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